About me

Hi, I am Cindy. Nice to meet you.

I am an UX'UI designer.

I want to bring an easy to use experience and a joyful design to websites and mobile applications. I believe, that only a user-centered application is used with pleasure. My aim is to delight users and serve small companies needs, so that both have a pleasant, happy and sustainable business experience.

Download my Resume here.

More about me

With a work and education history rooted in economics, consulting and coaching, I’m passionate about new digital products and explaining their usage easily. I love listening to others and learning the reasons why they think and act the way they do. I find it particularly interesting what experiences people have with digital products. Digital products are supposed to simplify our complex lives and can give us a better orientation. An excellent user experience plays a crucial role in this. Reducing complexity and make digital products accessible easily - this is what I love to do. This is why I decided become an UX'UI designer through an exciting and intensive learning journey of an intensive UX'UI training. I wanted to learn what is necessary to design digital products that users will enjoy using and that will improve and simplifies their lives.

Especially the complex topic about Blockchain technology and crypto currency fascinates me. I am into that space since 2019. I write educational articles about Blockchain technology with a friend (Ask me for the Medium Link) in order to provide education. This topic is complex and definitely needs more easy access. I am exploring that topic also from an UX'UI perspective at the moment. I want to contribute with a more comfortable user experience design for digital products, that users love to use. Simple and easy to understand.

Where you can find me when I'm not designing or writing articles?

At blockchain meetups, doing Yoga and Pilates, hiking, or enjoying a delicious meal and coffee with friends. I love being on the road and meeting new people and explore new places in this world.

If you happen to be in Berlin: let me know and let's have a chat.