Note taking easily

Mobile App

An application that allows to create individual task lists easily. It tracks the processing off tasks with a Kanban board view.

UI Design





Creating a mobile application with basic features for note taking and for tracking the progress of completing tasks. Fast and easy to understand and to use.


I started this project inspired by the need to have tasks and important notes at one place and always have on one. As there are many note taking apps out there with too many settings, notifications, reminders and functionalities, I wanted to examine basic needs for individuals when it comes to taking notes and tracking progress of tasks.


For this part of the project I decided to explore top rated app for note taking. Most of them are overloaded with analytics, features, notifications and too many options to choose from. Also, I did a secondary research on individual needs regarding digital note taking. I discovered that a clean UI with a bigger font size and larger icons as well popping-out colors are important and make the difference among note taking apps.

After doing concept sketches and setting mid-fidelity wire-frames I asked for user feedback. I leveraged the feedback to create another prototype and challenged it in another test run before I created the prototype with the final design.

Feedback from user research and mid fidelity wire frame